Marble Road Brewery

November 24, 2012

Marble Road Brewery, a local brewery here in Michigan. A short and sweet branding / Screen Printing adventure.


Scott Hansen – Poster Set

November 21, 2012

Some new prints from Scott Hansen, commemorating Tycho’s first show in Boulder, Colorado. Check out more of his work here, or visit his store.

A very quick rebranding project done for a local tanning salon. Including a logo and promotional key tag.

Some very striking yet simple Game of Thrones Posters centering on the many families of the series. They are the work of Thomas Gately and can be found on his Flickr here. I absolutely love how simple these are. I am curious to know if the designer designed each sigil himself, or if the Author of the… Read more »

I recently ran across these simple conceptual logos while perusing twitter. I dug a bit further and found they were designed by a Graphic Artist named Jan Meeus. I absolutely love the simplicity and the slightly hidden concept attached to each one. Check out her dribbble account for more of her work!