The thing that always intrigued me the most about Magic was the illustrations on the cards. The imagination and talent of these artists is simply amazing. In a few of these the shear sense of scale they portray is enough to catch my attention. Absolutely incredible artwork, its amazing to me that people can actually create something like this… Read more »

A very quick rebranding project done for a local tanning salon. Including a logo and promotional key tag.

Some very striking yet simple Game of Thrones Posters centering on the many families of the series. They are the work of Thomas Gately and can be found on his Flickr here. I absolutely love how simple these are. I am curious to know if the designer designed each sigil himself, or if the Author of the… Read more »


Mars Rover Curiosity

August 8, 2012

After eight months and 352 million miles Mars Rover Curosity sucessfully lands inside an ancient crater on Mars and prepares for some serious exploration. The nuclear powered space rover will spend the next two years drilling and collecting martian soil inside Gale Crater. Pretty cool stuff!