I recently ran across these simple conceptual logos while perusing twitter. I dug a bit further and found they were designed by a Graphic Artist named Jan Meeus. I absolutely love the simplicity and the slightly hidden concept attached to each one. Check out her dribbble account for more of her work!


World of Logos

July 24, 2012

Logos surround us in digital and physical space, but we rarely examine the thought and artistic thinking that goes into the design of these symbols. Utilizing a silent vocabulary of colors, shapes, and typography, logo designers give a visual identity to companies and organizations of all types. From cave painters to modern designers, artists throughout… Read more »

Season 5 of Breaking Bad started Sunday, so I figured it would be fitting to showcase some well done posters for the show.

This could quite possibly be the most epic way to dispose of a bad guy ever in the history of action films.